School Synergy Event

Synergy Event - “A Heart for the Students of Determination”

Our Determined Learners participated in the event “A Heart for the Students of Determination” on 14th Feb 2019 hosted by JSS Private School. It was a day-long series of events (sport & art) lined up for the various participating Schools and Centres. The main objective was to promote the value of inclusion by building and encouraging children to participate and compete with Students of Determination from other educational institutions. This was an opportunity for our determined students to achieve their personal best and experience the joy of physical activity and creative arts.

The event started with an opening ceremony that featured dances and singing by determined learners from various schools and centers. This was followed by the various sports events and art activities.

On-the-spot Art Competition was held in the auditorium. Nimalan, Devesh, and Bhuvaneshwari worked as a team to create a visual delight. In keeping with the Year of Tolerance, the theme of the Art Competition was “TOLERANCE.” Ms. Shobha assisted them. Ms. May and Mr. Kiran Yadav assisted the students on the field with the various sports events. There was much excitement as the determined learners took part in Football, Basketball, 50 m, and 100 m races, long jump, the tug-of-war. Our students won first runner-up and second runner-up positions in Football and Basketball, respectively. The students were awarded medals and certificates of participation.

We look forward to many more such events in the next academic year. It was a wonderful experience for our determined learners.