Grade 11 & 12 are two years at Springdales, Dubai that can change your child’s life. We have evidence that shows that the quality of teaching at our school transfers into students thriving in the careers of their choice post Grade 12. The difference at Springdales is that we don’t purely judge a student’s potential on the Grade 10 exams, because we know that simply being good at memorisation for exams is such a small element of predicted success when students leave Springdales in Grade 12.

Our students have access to 260 university and institutions across Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Europe and South East Asia including top 100 universities such as University of Melbourne, Cambridge University, Harvard, Stamford, Yale, Free University of Berlin and the National University of Singapore.

Sixty-two graduates head across the globe to the universities of their choice as the next step to realising their life’s dreams and aspirations. Destinations such as Vancouver and Toronto, Canada; The Hague and Leeuwarden, Netherlands; Luzerne, Switzerland; Tbilisi, Georgia; 16 different universities here in the United Arab Emirates and top higher education institutions such as Vellore Institute of Technology, India to name a few.

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