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Why start at the age of three…?

Children are born with an instinct provided by the nature that gives them a powerful urge to explore the surrounding world and learn from it- just as a bird doesn’t need to learn how to fly, nor does a fish to swim. Children have a unique ability to absorb qualities of their environment just by being exposed to it. Children are like little sponges and they can absorb more than

PERENA – A Multi-Sensory Camp

A Multi-Sensory Camp was organized by SAWA Unit on 14th September 2019 in Springdales School, Dubai, for the students of PRERANA. This camp was organized to connect Springdalians with the Determined Learners from PRERANA.

School Synergy Event

Our Determined Learners participated in the event “A Heart for the Students of Determination” on 14th Feb 2019 hosted by JSS Private School. It was a day-long series of events (sport & art) lined up for the various participating Schools and Centres. The main objective was to promote the value of inclusion by building and encouraging children to participate and compete with Students of Determination from other educational institutions.

Springdales AGT Student Participation in Al Falah

The first-ever Inter-School Seminar to develop leadership and research skills among the Able, Gifted, and Talented Students was hosted by Ambassador School on 20th June 2019. Six AGT students from Springdales from grade 6 and grade 8 participated in this event. The student selection and other logistics were organized by SAWA Unit and they were accompanied by Ms. Shobha and Ms. Tahmina.