Mrs. Jasmine Anand


Knowledge is a wealth that empowers like none other. Educating young minds to equip them for the present complex, competitive and evolving world is an arduous task. But the path, no matter how grueling, is the mission which Springdales has set out to achieve. Our aim is not just to produce an educated child, but a student enlightened with moral and ethical values and the confidence to challenge injustice and the accepted wisdom that can lead to discrimination.

Springdales is a name synonymous with liberal and radical thinking. It is about thinking ‘outside the box’, being enterprising, innovative, committed and tenacious in the pursuit of goals. It is about offering a learning experience that is rounded and broadly based. It is about unlocking and developing creative potential.

At every step towards achieving our mission, we are thankful to receive the support and motivation of parents who place their trust in us, to dedicated teachers and to students who demonstrate the learner profile we aim to create. We strive to develop our students to be principled, caring, inquirers and thinkers, who are balanced, courageous, open-minded communicators, who can compete with the best but will collaborate with all.