Partners in Progress

“Education is that process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened, as a result of which one can stand on one’s own feet.”

If education begins in the womb of the mother, then the home is the primary social unit for the blossoming of the child and the school is the second home since it is the home that plays the most significant role in nurturing impressionable minds into thinking, caring and sharing human beings.

Today’s complex world calls for right minded youngsters who can take on challenges, think analytically, creatively as well as use their imagination and creative inclinations to fly to limitless horizons. When the school and home work together in complete harmony, accepting diverse thoughts and respecting the idea of ‘agree to disagree’, operating as a joint venture; then such a partnership nourishes a holistic environment where healthy minds and bodies are nourished and groomed into global citizens.

Springdales School, Dubai believes in working with parents as partners to a share vision. Partners in Progress, our parental forum works in tandem with the school for the well-being of our children by voicing concerns, raising issues, providing suggestions and advice, promoting a healthy exchange of ideas for dialogue and discussion. The group meets informally thrice a year to share viewpoints on every aspect of schooling as well as celebrate initiatives and developments

Partners in Progress will also function as a platform for the talents of parents and add value to the various programmes of the school with their skills and capabilities.

Partners in Progress is a continuous journey and just not a one-time final destination for us to reach. It is our robust endeavour to primarily involve parents in the nurturing and nourishing of children even outside the boundaries of their homes within the comfort of a deep a sense of security, love and encouragement provided to all Springdalians at all times during their years in Springdales School, Dubai.