Promoting Excellence in Academics, Sport and Fine arts – The Springdalian Way

Springdales School is one of India’s most distinguished private schools. Established in 1955 by veteran British educationist, Mrs. Rajni Kumar, the school quickly grew from a small nursery to a full-fledged educational institution and made a distinct mark with its vibrancy and fresh approach.

More than 65 years on, Springdales continues to lead from the front. It opened its first overseas school in Dubai in 2013 on a magnificent purpose-built campus, offering education from Pre-K to G12. The campus, based in Al Quoz 4 is next to Jumeira University and has three classroom complexes – KG- Primary- Secondary (Middle and High) Schools. It also has flood-lit Track and Field facilities for Athletics, a Semi- Olympic indoor pool, bus parking and indoor and outdoor play areas. It boasts of dedicated science laboratories, campus-wide wifi, library, a full stocked resource centre and indoor courts for tennis, badminton and basketball in addition to a martial arts dojo, ballet and dance studios


The management and senior leadership team of Springdales School Dubai understands the importance of academics, because it is strongly linked to positive outcomes. It is a known fact that children who are academically successful, get better employment opportunities as adults, earn higher salaries and are generally a lot more healthier and happier than their peers.


Sports teaches children the joys of teamwork, whether playing or observing, as they participate in group activity with their schoolmates and peers. It inculcates sportsmanship and fair play while competing and brings out individual brilliance in those more gifted. It also offers an enjoyable break from the stresses of academic learning, which results in better overall assessments, scores and grades.

Fine Arts

Creative, Visual and Performing Arts teach life skills and inspire students to experience and offer their narrative of our world, in uniquely different ways.

Students learn to become engaged and self-educating. Instead of just regurgitating facts, they actively seek new information.

Here is an interesting fact.

21% of students who study music score higher in math. This increases to 35% in High School. Arts promotes higher student attendance and lower dropout rates. There are also fewer disagreements between students, a better understanding of diversity, and greater peer support.

We offer the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), Indian Curriculum.