A Student’s Stop for Creativity

    The Thoughts are Out 

    A Student’s Stop for Creativity 


    Just like the many kinds of flowers there are in the world, we have our students. Each of them has unique talents and merits that make them their own person, and not all students are talented academically or at sports. Sometimes, these talents go unnoticed or unrealized not only by our peers, but the students themselves. To ignite a spark of creativity, a flame of interest, and a candle of delight, we wish to create a blog where we, as students, can share our points of view, discoveries, and talents. 

    Why a blog? 

    This generation belongs to technologically-powered adults and children. So, our reasoning behind using a blog is to not only help students and teachers access the content easily, but also helps them develop their technical skills

    which will be vital in our future. Blogs also help people regularly update themselves about recently uploaded articles, which helps students learn more, and support their peers in their endeavours. A HubSpot study found that 60% of people read a blog at least once a week. So, through our blog, we aim to not only let students share their ideas, but to gain knowledge about topics they normally may not have thought about. 


    Our project aims to ignite, inspire and impart. We wish to IGNITE a spark in our fellow students that helps them pursue their passions and share them with others! Next, we hope to INSPIRE others to follow their dreams, or come out of their shells to share their skills. Lastly, we want to IMPART knowledge upon our classmates that is beneficial for them to prosper in life, or supports their learning journey, in ways they normally would not have! 


    Here are a few benefits of the blog: 

    • It helps students express themselves. 
    • Students have myriad topics to talk about and discuss. 
    • Such facts and information shared can lead to fruitful discussions in classrooms and homes. 
    • We can learn a variety of skills from our peers. 
    • We can nurture our talents in a healthy, supportive environment. It also benefits students by encouraging them to try new things, like art, cooking, a new series to read/watch, etc. 


    Students can share any information/thoughts/ideas on the blog that they think can be food for thought, or something light to enjoy! You can share anything from magazine or web article content like “Top 10 Movies of the Season”, or your poetry, artwork, music, and even photography! Entries can

    consist of audio, video, document, or photo files. This helps them nurture their respective talents and skills, while giving others a chance to observe and enjoy them. Article content can include anything you’re passionate about, like biology, psychology, poetry, data science, or travelling! Lastly, we also would like teachers to participate every once in a while, as it makes such experiences all the more special! 


    We hope to initiate our blog as a student-led initiative, supported by our school’s welcoming staff! In our aspirations, we would like to lead the blog as a student committee, where we will have a few students for every subcategory of our blog. Currently, we have categories of creative writing, sports and entertainment, science and technology, along with art. 

    I. Student Committee: 

    We wish to have a maximum of five student volunteers per category, who will help maintain and share the articles and other content on that section of the blog. Not only will this allow more students to have their work published on the blog, but it also will help the volunteering students gain experience in different fields, like management, and it will develop their communication, time management, and organizing skills. 

    These student volunteers (of all sub-categories) should have a meeting once a week and can discuss the articles to be posted, or a theme for the content of the next week. 

    II. Themes and Occasions: 

    If there is an event/holiday upcoming, we will put out a message for all entries to be themed based on the event, for example: if we have Eid next week, we will send an article on the blog requesting all entries to be based on Eid, like places to go during Eid break, photos of places

    that have Eid decorations, or poems/articles regarding the origins of Ramadan, etc. 

    III. Awards and Achievements: 

    Based on blog reviews and reports, we could create certain awards like “Best Blog Post of the Month”, or “Best Artwork of the Month” and others. 


    The Thoughts Are Out is our very own passion project to be filled with unique and engaging content. We want students to explore and read about a variety of things on the site, and reap the benefits. Our hope is that this initiative for 

    students, by students is a successful way for our peers to be creative and free in their expression. Finally, we just want to add that, by the wise words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought.”