Our Board Members


Dr. (Mrs.) Rajni Kumar


My vision is to find ways to make the educational systems more humane, equitable, and relevant to the changing world scenario, using technology to link schools and youth globally. The Indian expat community in the UAE has multiplied greatly, following the rapid strides made by Dubai towards becoming the Arab Centre of the modern world.


Dr. Anand


Springdales is owned and operated by Springdales School LLC. The CEO is Dr. Navjit Singh Anand, who is himself, a Springdalian and student of Dr. Rajni Kumar. As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Dr. Anand’s passion is to give back to society through providing affordable, high-quality education to the community, giving the same start and opportunity to tomorrow’s leaders as he received himself as a boy at Springdales.


Mrs. Jasmine Anand


Knowledge is a wealth that empowers like none other. Educating young minds to equip them for the present complex, competitive and evolving world is an arduous task. But the path, no matter how grueling, is the mission which Springdales has set out to achieve. Our aim is not just to produce an educated child, but a student enlightened with moral and ethical values and the confidence to challenge injustice and the accepted wisdom that can lead to discrimination.


Dr.(Mrs.) Jyoti Bose


Springdales School Dubai will provide the essence of a Springdalian education – combining academic excellence, world-class facilities, an internationalist perspective and co-curricular activities to ensure the all round development of each student.


Dr. Ameeta Mulla Wattal


She has worked in the sphere of Education, Creative Arts, special needs education, communicative English, Street theatre, women’s education, Peace Studies and Curriculum Development for over four decades. She has held several posts in India and abroad, at both school and university level.


Mr. Zubair Ahmad

Board of Governors

Zubair Ahmad is a postgraduate in Business Administration, a senior professional with 17+ years of diversified experience in the field of marketing Communications, Branding, Events & Advertising, strategic planning, project management, school operations, administration, human resources and quality assurance. Proficient in augmenting profitability.